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About Canada

Canada, the largest country in North America and the second-largest country globally, only has 35 to 40 million inhabitants. This makes it a thinly populated but  prosperous country. It is also a very popular travel destination; for students, tourists and business travelers. Many people mainly know Canada for its large cities, Quebec, Montréal and Vancouver, even though the much smaller Ottawa is the official capital of Canada. Canada’s larger cities are relatively close to the border with the USA, with which Canada has close ties.

Fun fact: In total, roughly 90 percent of the Canadian population consists of
immigrants or descendants of those people.

Benefits of studying in Canada

Internationally recognized degrees.
Canada is cheaper than many of the universities in the US and the UK
Possibility to work in Canada after Graduation
A Safe, Stable country
Excellent Health Care
Nature and four distinct seasons

Why choose Ignite for Canada

 Blocked Account Process

Complete Application on your behalf

Assistance in Arranging Financial Support

Expert Visa interview preparation and
Pre-Departure Guidelines

Visa Application

Expert guidance in Course Selection
and University Selection 

The Average Cost

CAD 12000 to CAD 14000 ( Approximately Rs. 7 lakhs to 8.25 lakhs) for one-year tuition fees. It is recommended to pay the full first-year tuition fee in advance—also,
CAD 10,200 (Approx. Rs. 6 lakhs) Guaranteed Investment Certificate issued by the Scotia Bank, Canada.
GIC is your money deposited in a Canadian bank to cover your unexpected expenses during the stay.

Courses You can study in Canada

Bachelor’s and Master’s degree

Diploma and certification courses


Winter Intake: January

Fall Intake: September

Spring Intake: May

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