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Ignite is the perfect place for students who wish to study abroad and dream of getting a better education. No matter where the foreign country is, if you have the will to learn, you will always get through.

A student visa is allocated to international students using educational resources as an average resident. The rules might be a bit different for an international student, but a student visa allows one to stay and study in the country.

The process to obtain a study visa in a foreign country varies depending upon each country. The process must be carried out by experienced professionals leaving no space for errors.

Additionally, choosing the right country, the most suited educational institute, and the perfect course for you are some of the important decisions that must not be taken without expert guidance.

At Ignite, you can avail all these student visa details to ascertain your curiosity and finally decide the path of your further education and career. Our experienced guides, with their extensive and global knowledge, will point you in the appropriate direction.

Get yourself booked and know the whole procedure for making your dream come true.



Country selection
Career, Admissions and VISA Counselling
Research in the course/program options as per your choice
Finalize course and university
Preparation of your documents for application
No limits on the number of application
Courier documents to the university
Inform you the status of the application on every alternate day via e-mail
Assist you to arrange financial support for your studies
Prepare your visa file(including visa forms and documents)
Lodge your visa and provide you tracking details
Assist you with a list of packing and pre-departure guidelines

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FAQs – Student visa consultancy

A visa permit is a legal documentation and authorisation that allows an individual entry into a country. If one is going to a country other than their country of origin, for whatever purpose, they need to have specific visa documents stating their purpose and intent. One needs to verify their identity and a lot of necessary documents in order to authenticate the visa. Once obtained, the visa permit allows you to travel to your country of choice to fulfil your stated purpose.
The top destinations of the world in terms of their desirability by immigrants around the world are the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore. These countries are as popular for permanent immigration as they are for studying, travel or even starting a business.
One needs to be very clear about which visa category they fall under. Once one knows this, they are also able to find out the duration they are allowed to stay and other important details. There are different sets of visa applications categorised according to the needs of the migrant.
The country choice depends on your goals and preferences. We can suggest the best country choice for you after understanding your needs and expectations. Book an appointment with us for a counselling session to get answers to all your queries.
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