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About New Zealand

New Zealand is a small island nation located in the Pacific Ocean, well known for its Rugby team, native Mãori culture and wonderful wildlife. The country provides world-class education facilities, research opportunities, globally accredited programs along with a perfectly balanced and harmonic life. Almost equal inland area to the UK or Japan, New Zealand is one of the most peaceful countries. Limited population in the country is a prominent reason people can easily maintain a work-life balance in New Zealand. Being an international student, it will be easier to blend and settle in. You will witness a supportive environment at universities in New Zealand. Unlike in many other nations and cultures, student life in New Zealand is overflowing with independence and rights. Questioning and confronting professors and lecturers, for example, is a vital element of a New Zealand education.

Benefits of studying in New Zealand

Admission in Category 1 Institutes, New Zealand.
Counselled More than 20000 Students in Last 14 Years
Time-Based Admission Process
Expert Visa Application & Interview Preparation
Air Tickets & Currency Arrangement
Best Pre-Departure & Post-Landing Support

Why choose Ignite for New Zealand

 Blocked Account Process

Complete Application on your behalf

Assistance in Arranging Financial Support

Expert Visa interview preparation and
Pre-Departure Guidelines

Visa Application

Expert guidance in Course Selection
and University Selection 

The Average Cost

Tuition Fees is usually in the bracket of NZ$ 17000 – NZ$ 25000 while the living expenses are estimated to be NZ$ 15000 per year.



September – November

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